The Benefits of Hiring a Jazz Band for Your Wedding Entertainment

Choosing your wedding entertainment is an important decision that you will remember for the rest of your life. Jazz bands offer a live experience that is both versatile and intimate, no matter where you plan on hosting your wedding. 

But jazz bands and DJs each have unique aspects that make them excellent choices for your wedding entertainment and it’s critical that you are aware of both so you can make an educated decision. 

At RMF DJs, we believe you shouldn’t have to choose between a jazz band and wedding DJ setup. That’s why Kadin, an RMF platinum DJ, has paired up with our experienced jazz band to ensure you receive a wedding entertainment experience like no other. Continue reading to learn about the benefits of choosing live jazz for your wedding entertainment. 


If you hire a skilled, professional jazz band, their versatility should be second to none. Jazz musicians are trained in the art of improvisation, which exposes them to various jazz scales and different genres. The more genres your live jazz band has experience playing, the more specialized they can make your wedding entertainment. 


Jazz musicians will likely be able to play whatever requests you have with a unique jazz twist. You won’t get stuck with the stereotypical set with these bands because they are highly trained and can translate your wedding entertainment desires into reality using their extensive knowledge and experience.

They will also be able to shift sets depending on the part of your wedding entertainment. You don’t want to play the same style set throughout the entire wedding. During the cocktail hour, you want to be able to play a set that fits a relaxed setting and lets your guests settle into the night, enjoy some drinks and appetizers, and mingle for a bit before dinner. 

During dinner, jazz bands can serenade you sweetly as you enjoy the food, beverages, and company. They can provide a classy environment and then boogie when the lights turn down and it’s time to hit the dance floor. 

One of the most critical factors to your wedding entertainment is varying the moods of the set to keep people interested. If your wedding DJ or band plays at one pace the whole time, it won’t sustain audience reactions. The best musicians understand that to play a complete set, they need to vary their dynamics. Jazz musicians are experts at going from fast to slow and romantic to lively and fun. 


Jazz musicians come in various styles and sizes so you can use them to fit virtually any setting or venue. If you have a more intimate wedding on a beach with 15 guests in attendance, you likely won’t need a five-piece jazz band on a full stage. 

In this case, you might benefit from hiring just a three-piece jazz band with an upright bass, saxophone, and singer. If you have a larger venue, your reception might justify a five to seven-piece jazz band. Jazz bands are adaptable and can modify their set depending on the environment. 


Hiring a band for your wedding entertainment brings the benefit of live music. There’s something special about seeing musicians play every note in real-time. The spontaneity of a live band is what entices most people and few genres of music are more spontaneous than jazz. Jazz musicians spend their whole lives honing their improvisational skills to be able to adapt to whatever environment they are thrown into. 

This spontaneity brings intimacy because of the opportunity for new musical experiences you haven’t heard before. Instead of hearing the same wedding standards you’ve heard at other weddings, jazz musicians can put a spin on it and turn it into something new, which makes you feel like you’re a part of something special. 

Upbeat Atmosphere 

Jazz bands typically have a horn section and if you have ever heard a horn section, you will likely understand how vibrant they can be. Even without horns, jazz musicians understand how to get people moving. 

Because jazz musicians typically have such a vast experience with various genres of music, they can incorporate any song you like in their own unique way. Whether you like grooving to funk, hip hop, rock, or pop, jazz musicians can deliver a specialized experience that will have your guests itching for a dance. 


Weddings are supposed to be classy. Love is in the air. Everyone is dressed to the nines. It's a time for everyone to put on their sophisticated shoes and get fancy. Your entertainment should match that aesthetic. 

Everyone who has heard jazz music understands that it can make you feel like you’re part of the Roaring Twenties. It creates an environment akin to that of The Great Gatsby- champagne, tuxedos, and ball gowns abound. It’s simple: jazz music matches wedding vibes. 

What Are Some of the Drawbacks to Jazz Bands?

There are a few factors to consider when hiring your jazz band for your wedding. To ensure you make the right decision regarding your wedding entertainment, you should consider whether the prospective band has a wide selection of songs to choose from. 

Bands hindered by limited song selections can ruin your wedding entertainment due to their inability to play your requests and keep people on the dance floor. A jazz band is only worth it if they can fulfill all of the crowd’s taste requirements. 

Jazz bands also have more musicians, so they can be slightly more expensive than a wedding DJ. Bands typically have to take more breaks than DJs, as well. Unless you hire a jazz band that is in particularly good shape and can play for hours, you will have to consider this while making your decision. 

Why Not Hire a Wedding DJ With a Band?

Wedding bands and DJs each have strengths and weaknesses. Live jazz wedding bands offer more improvisation opportunities and provide a unique experience that wedding DJs can’t match. 

Wedding DJs have a vast knowledge of music and contain enormous libraries of music so they can deliver precisely what you want, no matter your taste. They also have the ability to incorporate electronic dance music, which is very conducive to getting people out on the dance floor. They can play the recorded hits you love and you don’t have to worry about whether a band will play them the way you like.

If only you could have your cake and eat it too and hire a team of both wedding DJs and a live jazz band. Well, when you choose RMF, you can. With RMF, you can hire a live jazz band with a DJ. Kadin has extensive experience playing and singing with our jazz band and the two can bring a truly unique musical experience to events and weddings of all sizes. Nowhere else besides RMF will you get a singing master of ceremonies backed by a full jazz band to create a unique experience. 

Conclusion - The Benefits of Hiring a Jazz Band for Your Wedding Entertainment

Jazz bands offer distinct benefits to your wedding entertainment. They bring an improvisational talent and spontaneity that wedding DJs can’t provide. They also bring an ability to play any venue and turn it into a classy event, no matter the size of the wedding or venue. 

At RMF DJs, we offer a comprehensive solution to the question, “do you need a DJ at a wedding?” We offer both wedding DJs and a live jazz band that can fit all of your wedding entertainment needs. Kadin, one of our platinum DJs, can even pair with a jazz band at a consolidated price to bring you the best of both worlds. 

Contact us today to learn more about how RMF DJs can bring the wedding of your dreams to life. 

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