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Are you insured?

RMF Entertainment carries a full liability insurance policy for each performer with a coverage value of $2,000,000. We are happy to provide you or your venue with a copy of our insurance policy upon request.

Do you have emcee experience?

As with many world classperforming artists, our DJs are humble and genuine when you meet them inperson. Our style is low-key and tasteful, our DJs are never inappropriate,won’t crack jokes and definitely enhance the environment rather than causedistraction. We are very organized and keep things flowing smoothly so youdon’t have to worry about what’s happening next.

Do your DJs work full time?

We strive to maintain the highest quality of DJ services as possible. Most of our DJs are professional, full time DJs. We do have two local teachers that LOVE to DJ for us in the Summer season. DJing is not just a weekend job for us, this is our only livelihood.

What do you typically wear?

Our professional look and standards are a high priority at RMF. A suit jacket and tie are by request only. We’re happy to wear whatever is appropriate for your event!

What type of music do you play?

Our music tastes are Universal. We enjoy all genres and create musical atmospheres that match the desired mood expressed by our clients along with music that appeals to the vibe of the crowd. We are highly diverse and can modify the music to suit your mood and preferences.

What’s the difference between hiring a DJ or just using an iPod?

If you think you don’t have the budget for an awesome DJ and want to use an iPod… Think again. Your iPod can do many things, but it will NOT read the crowd, blend the best parts of a song, pick up the pace, mix in requests on the fly or create a frenzy on the dance floor. Unfortunately, you can’t “scroll back” on your wedding day, so our advice is to move forward with the best DJ you can afford!

When do you arrive for an event?

Our performers always arrive on-site at least 2 hours prior to the contracted start time of the event, and earlier as necessitated by the setup requirements of your event.

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