What Makes a Great Wedding DJ Setup?

If you’re searching for a wedding DJ, you may not understand what to look for in a wedding DJ setup. Understanding what equipment and preparation tactics make wedding DJs memorable is critical when hiring a wedding DJ.

This blog discusses the equipment that contributes to a great wedding DJ setup. It also covers how professional DJs should prepare for an upcoming wedding. Continue reading to learn more about what makes a great wedding DJ setup and how you can use these tips for interviewing potential wedding DJs. 

RMF will answer all of your questions for a wedding DJ. We treat every wedding differently and make it our priority to tailor your wedding entertainment plans to your specifications. Our team of personable, experienced DJs will learn your music tastes and discover what you want out of your wedding reception so they can deliver a unique experience that astonishes your guests. 

DJ Controllers and Laptop 

Your wedding DJ doesn’t necessarily need heavy equipment. DJ controllers prevent DJ equipment from getting damaged in transit. When DJs have controllers, they don’t need to worry about carrying heavy mixers for turntables. 

DJ controllers should suffice for nearly all weddings. To make sure your DJ has adequate equipment, you should check whether your DJ has a laptop compatible with all different software types. Professional DJs should also have top-of-the-line DJ controllers such as those made by Pioneer. 

PA System

PA speakers are the backbone of a DJ setup. DJs can’t create a party vibe with a subpar sound system. They also shouldn’t go overboard with massive speakers. Because of these reasons, DJs should have a few different PA options for the bride and groom. 

You might have your wedding in a larger venue such as a big banquet hall or outdoor venue. In these cases, you need to make sure your wedding DJ can fill out the venue. In average-sized banquet halls, two to four 15-inch speakers or subwoofers can serve well. Some of the top brands for PA systems include JBL, PRX, QSC K-Series, and Pioneer DJ. 

Wireless Microphones 

One of the DJ’s responsibilities is being the master of ceremonies. This means they have to deliver speeches, toasts, and other announcements. Because they have to give speeches and toasts, DJs need mobile microphone setups. 

When DJs use wireless microphones, they not only make sure they’re mobile. They also ensure that the guests don’t trip over complex wiring configurations. Reliable brands for microphones include Shure, AKG, and Sennheiser.  


Lighting can make or break a wedding DJ setup, especially if the client wants an impressive light show at their reception. That’s why DJs should be prepared with multiple lighting options. Stage lighting can draw attention to the dance space and create an ambiance for events such as the daddy-daughter dance and bride/groom’s first dance. 

It also enhances the reception when DJs pair their mixes with strobe lights and laser lights. DJs should buy lights that have programming capabilities so that they can give you a tailored experience.

DJ Equipment Checklist 

If you are interviewing DJs, you can use the following list to examine their equipment capabilities and see if they fit your wedding reception and venue. 

  1. Wireless microphones
  2. Faders 
  3. Subwoofers
  4. Powerful PA system 
  5. Different lighting options 

Checking your DJ’s sound capabilities will help you decide whether they have the necessary equipment to deliver an unforgettable experience to your guests. By examining your DJ’s sound and lighting capabilities, you ensure more customization for your reception. 

How Should Your DJ Prepare For Your Wedding?

Additionally, you should know how the best wedding DJs prepare for their weddings. Once you understand this, you can ask prospective DJs what their preparation process is during interviews. Gathering this information will teach you how to tell which wedding DJs devote all of their time and skills to their craft and which ones treat their job as more of a hobby. 

Adapted Playlist 

Wedding DJ services should make the music selection about your musical tastes. It’s your wedding. You should be able to hear your music. You can also gauge how deep your DJ’s musical depth goes by quizzing them on their favorite artists and asking who they plan to play at the reception. 

Furthermore, you shouldn’t have to pry to feel like your DJ cares about your musical interests. The DJ should ask the bride and groom what their favorite song is together, and they should always ask the bride about her favorite song. 

The DJ should also work to discover a few of the bride and groom’s favorite party songs. The more guidance a DJ has, the more they can tailor your wedding reception to your wants. 


One of wedding DJs’ most crucial aspects is whether they accommodate the bride and groom’s needs. Throughout the interview and planning process, DJs should be inquiring whether the bride and groom have any special requests and whether they are happy with how the planning is coming along. 

It’s the bride and groom’s day, not the DJ’s. The DJ’s attitude should reflect a caring attitude toward their clients’ needs. DJs should offer their input, but they should never make demands, and they shouldn’t belittle the bride and groom. 


The perfect Wedding DJs need to be the life of the party. If your DJs are dull, unengaging, or abrasive, it can turn your wedding reception into a nightmare. If a wedding DJ doesn’t engage with the crowd, why even bother having a DJ? You can just plug in an iPod and press play at that point. 

DJs should be the life of the party without diverting focus from the wedding party. It’s the wedding party’s night, and platinum DJs should make the wedding guests feel welcomed. Wedding DJs should bring exceptional energy and make even those who don’t like dancing shake what their mama gave ‘em. 

Backup Equipment

Professional DJs should have contingency plans in place, so they never get caught off guard. These types of DJs know that unexpected obstacles arise, and they prepare for the worst. No self-respecting DJ ever wants to be responsible for ruining a couple’s special evening. 

That’s why real wedding DJs carry extra cables, speakers, mics, and a spare laptop. Another tactical move is to bring an additional iPad or iPhone just in case the laptop breaks. 

DJ Equipment No-Nos 

Let’s shift the focus from what DJs should have to what they shouldn’t do. Whether it be too much gear, too crazy of a light show, or bad sound, the following examples present a framework professional DJs should avoid. 

Beauty In Simplicity 

DJs are obsessed with gear. However, that obsession can get out of hand when it supersedes the love of putting on a good set. In most cases, wedding DJs don’t need elaborate setups. A simple PA system and controllers will get the job done. In fact, DJ arrangements that are too heavy-duty can turn people off the entertainment by being too loud. 

Playing Too Loud Too Close 

Inexperienced DJs don’t understand how to gauge the crowd’s listening preferences. Not only do they not understand how to mix between songs and genres, but they also don’t know how to measure the crowd’s volume preferences. 

Platinum DJs understand that they aren’t at Coachella or some electronic dance club. They are aware of their surroundings and use them to create a fitting ambiance. When DJs don’t have the experience, they try to overcompensate for average mixing skills by blaring their music. Experienced DJs let the mix speak for itself in a way that doesn’t wreck people’s ears. 

Too Much Light 

Most experienced DJs will have a few lighting options for the bride and groom. However, some DJs take it overboard with their lighting. Much of whether the DJ lighting turns out to be overkill depends on the venue and the bride and groom’s preferences. 

If the bride and groom are looking for an elaborate light show, then DJs might have a green light with their lighting. However, most weddings aren’t trying to have EDC at their reception. DJs should be sure they aren’t too distracting with their lighting options. 

Conclusion- What Equipment Do Wedding DJs Need? 

If you’re considering getting a DJ for your wedding, you need to be sure that you’re hiring someone with experience and talent. Your wedding entertainment is one of the most crucial aspects of the wedding planning process. 

RMF DJs is a Montana-based entertainment group that can deliver the wedding of your dreams. Us the equipment questions from this blog to determine if our DJs are the right fit for your wedding. Contact us today and let RMF bring your wedding reception to life. 

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