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Live Jazz for Special Events, Parties, and Weddings
Whether you have a corporate event, special party, or wedding planned, live jazz event bands can provide a swinging, sophisticated experience for your guests or attendees. Specific events call for jazz, such as a cocktail party or a black-tie event. You might also want to throw a roaring 20s party.
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Live jazz bands can play music in the style of Frank Sinatra or Michael Buble. They might also be able to play '30s-style jazz, particularly gypsy jazz. The jazz artists at RMF Entertainment understand you have a wide range of tastes. If you are interested in hiring a jazz band for your event, you should choose a band that can accommodate various musical tastes.
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The beauty of jazz is that it fits in a multitude of settings. For example, a jazz band for a wedding reception is the perfect choice because jazz bands can switch between smooth jazz, swing, or bebop as the night progresses. Perhaps you can start playing Big Band-style jazz to entertain guests of all ages. With a jazz band rental, you're in control of the vibe.


Jazz musicians are some of the most talented, flexible musicians on the planet, meaning they can adapt to specific styles and preferences. Jazz musicians can improvise to fit your particular musical tastes while appealing to varying age groups.
Ability to Play Large or Small Venues
Jazz groups can play at any venue and fit the mood of the celebration. Jazz groups can adapt to fit the bill, whether you’re planning an intimate gathering or an all-out bash. They can soften the mood at a smaller venue or play to a large crowd at a ballroom.
Everyone Will Want to Dance
Because jazz musicians have such a complete understanding of musical genres and how to adapt them to different crowds, no one at your party or wedding will leave their dancing shoes at the door. Your teenage family friend, toddler niece, and grandparents will all hit the dance floor at your wedding or big event.
Classy, Sophisticated Atmosphere
While jazz provides a musical genre for everyone to dance to, it gives any venue an air of class and sophistication. Very few other genres can cultivate a classy ambiance and a rowdy dance party. Jazz is the exception.

Get the Best of Both Worlds With RMF DJs

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At RMF DJs, we believe you shouldn’t have to decide between a DJ and a jazz band for your wedding or event. Kadin, one of our platinum DJs, gives you access to a jazz band that plays alongside a DJ for a consolidated price.

With RMF, you won’t have to worry about hiring an incompatible jazz band and DJ. Kadin has extensive experience playing and singing with our jazz band and the two can bring a truly unique musical experience to events and weddings of all sizes. Nowhere else besides RMF will you get a singing master of ceremonies backed by a full jazz band.

Hire the Experienced Jazz Musicians at RMF for Your Event Today

Whether you need a band for corporate events or weddings, RMF Entertainment's live jazz band can create the atmosphere you need to get people moving. Our experienced musicians will take your interests into account and provide a tailored approach to your event entertainment.

Throwing a party is about connecting guests with each other. RMF DJs’ jazz bands understand how to host your event, so it’s a seamless experience during a night your guests won’t forget. We connect your guests with flawless entertainment, personable masters of ceremony, and professional, organized performances. If you're looking for a jazz band near you, you're already at the right place — contact us at (406) 531-2321 or email us at hello@rmfdjs.com to book a jazz band for your special day.
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