Why A Wedding DJ Is Perfect For All Types of Weddings

After determining the most important aspects of your big day, like where the wedding will be held, who will be in attendance, and how big or small a celebration you want to have, there aren’t many aspects more important to consider than the entertainment. Whether you have a wedding party of 15 or 150, hiring a wedding DJ can set the tone for celebrating your new life together with those most important to you.

A wedding DJ can provide much more than just the music for your ceremony, like controlling the schedule and facilitating some of the most iconic moments in the reception ceremony, such as the newlyweds’ first dance. 

RMF Entertainment is Montana’s number one choice for wedding and event DJs in the state. With our team of experienced event DJs, RMF has been making couples’ dreams come true for more than 15 years. Our diverse lineup of DJs has a proven track record of taking hundreds of weddings to the next level with our unique and top-of-the-line services. From a small local wedding in a Montana field to organizing a company’s massive corporate event, trust RMF to boost your special day into something unforgettable. 

In this article, we’re going to break down why hiring a wedding DJ is the perfect move for all types of weddings—no matter how big or small. At RMF, we marry professionalism with fun to help bring your dream wedding to life. Keep reading to see how we can make the difference for your special day or event. 

What Types of Weddings Are There? 

There are several different types of weddings, from traditional church settings to a small, remote ceremony on a mountain in Montana. There’s no shortage of versatility when it comes to where people want to hold their weddings. 

According to The Knot, one of the most popular wedding websites, some wedding venue types are more popular than others. But the important thing is couples have options, and our DJs can accommodate. Below is a breakdown of which wedding venues are the most popular, on average, for wedding reception choices: 

  1. Ballrooms and Banquet Halls - 20 percent
  2. Religious Institutions - 19 percent 
  3. Farms, Barns, and Ranches - 18 percent 
  4. Historic Homes and Buildings - 12 percent 
  5. Country Clubs - 8 percent 
  6. Hotels - 8 percent 
  7. Gardens, Wineries, and Vineyards - 8 percent 
  8. Resorts - 40 percent of destination weddings
  9. Restaurants - 6 percent 
  10. Private Homes - 6 percent 
  11. Beaches - 5 percent 

What Does A Wedding DJ Do?

A wedding DJ conducts all forms of entertainment for the night. The entertainment comes in many forms, including the perfect playlist, being the MC of the night to make sure everything runs smoothly and on schedule, and taking requests from the many drunken wedding guests (14 requests per reception on average). They have to be able to read the room and adjust the music accordingly. 

The dance floor has to be jumping during the peak of the reception, and the mood has to be touching during the couples’ first dance. The wedding DJ also makes announcements about cutting the wedding cake, cueing up guests to give their toasts, and monitoring the equipment so the night unfolds without any interruptions. 

Wedding DJs at RMF also provide dance floor lighting or photo booth services, so guests leave with special mementos and unforgettable memories. No matter the size, shape, or nature of your wedding, our premier wedding DJ services are here to help. 

Outdoor Vs. Indoor Weddings 

Whether you hold your wedding in a beautiful Montana meadow or inside a grand ballroom, a wedding DJ can provide the perfect atmosphere for your specific needs. Our equipment is durable, versatile, and scalable, meaning we can tailor the experience to your specific venue and requests. 

Using our state-of-the-art lighting systems, we can turn a ballroom into a concert hall or disco-level dance floor. We can also scale it back to a quaint, humble, golden-lit garden of lights for a smaller outdoor ceremony. When you hire RMF Entertainment, we adjust to satisfy your every need. It’s your big day, and we can bring it to life. 

Big Vs. Small Weddings 

Even if your ceremony involves less than 10 people—or even just you, your partner, and a minister or wedding officiant—our DJs can decorate your small wedding with your favorite songs, the prettiest lights, and other memorable features. 

On the other hand, if you have a massive wedding of 100, 200, or even 300 people, our roster of amazing wedding DJs can be the life of the party, and provide a dream celebration for you and everyone you love to celebrate the most important day of your life. Our professionals are equipped with decades of making people’s dreams come true. No matter your wedding dreams or demands, we can help make them a reality. 

Traditional Vs. Nontraditional Weddings 

If you want the classic church ceremony followed by a fun celebration at a nearby location, no problem. Or if you have a destination or elopement wedding, our DJs can make the trip (most of the time) to provide the perfect entertainment service there as well. Sometimes all you need is your soon-to-be husband or wife and the perfect song.

Our wedding DJs can be as involved as you’d like them to be. If you want them to be mostly background figures providing some nice music, they can handle that easily. Or if you want them to lead the entire party throughout the night, they can bring the energy as well. With RMF, we can handle all of your wedding needs. 

Conclusion - Why A Wedding DJ Is Perfect For All Types of Weddings 

A wedding DJ is the perfect addition to any wedding, no matter the nature of the ceremony. They make sure every one of your wedding dreams comes to life for you and your guests. Through music, MC services, or extras like dance floor lighting and photo booths, a wedding DJ turns your wedding ceremony into an unforgettable experience. 

Whether it’s in a church, on the side of a mountain, or in an extravagant ballroom setting, our professional wedding DJs can take your big day to the next level. Not only do we provide a tailored experience based on your music tastes and demands, we can also set the tone and schedule for your wedding with our MC services. 

Are you more of a traditional type? We also have live music options at your disposal to create a more classic atmosphere for your wedding, no matter the genre. We have a slate of professional live country, acoustic, contemporary, and jazz musicians to compliment your big day with your preferred taste. Our professionals also offer their services for other special occasions, like corporate events, holiday parties, charity events, fundraisers, and several others.  

Contact us today to see how we can accommodate your wedding needs, or give us a call at 406-531-2321. With RMF Entertainment’s roster of professional wedding DJs, you don’t have to settle when it comes to having the wedding you’ve always wanted.

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