The Ultimate Guide to Wedding Photo Booths

Why add more to your plate by trying to plan all of your guests’ gifts? Why not choose a wedding entertainment company that can provide a photo booth that takes care of all your guests’ gifting needs?

In this blog, we’re looking at how photo booths are the perfect way to give your guests an unforgettable trinket to remember your wedding by. There are some things to consider when planning for a photo booth that you should consider, but overall, photo booths are a crowd-pleasing no-brainer. The most stressful decisions you face when you have a photo booth at your wedding are where to put it and what props to use. The rest should be fun. 

Photo booths allow your photographer to focus on the wedding party and the bride and groom’s family. They also give guests the power to personalize their memories from your wedding. After all, who doesn’t like getting a little silly in the photo booth with some interesting props? A pirate hat, giant mustache, stormtrooper helmet? Where else are you able to find the best wedding dance floor props?

At RMF DJs, we believe in providing an exceptional wedding experience that takes the stress off your shoulders. We coordinate with your wedding planner, photographer, and venue coordinator to ensure the smoothest celebration possible. It’s simple: when RMF plays at your wedding, people have the time of their lives. 

Why Have a Wedding Booth?

There are certain things that every wedding needs. For the best weddings, guests need an open bar, a dance floor, and a photo booth. Most wedding planners recommend a photo booth because it gives your guests the opportunity to create memories on their own terms, especially when there are wedding photo booth props. It also gives you the opportunity to give your guests a personalized gift for them to remember your wedding. 

Sure, you have your wedding photographer, but they won’t be taking photos of everyone. They have to concentrate on the wedding party and the bride and groom’s family. The photographer might snap a few photos of your guests on the dance floor, but for the most part, their attention is on you and the wedding party. 

Photo booths are the ideal mementos for your guests. They're personalized, fun, and allow your guests to let loose. Rather than lifeless photographs of guests posing, photo booths can result in natural-looking photos. With the addition of props, a photo booth can be even more fun, letting guests truly express themselves and create memories that they and the married couple will cherish forever. 

Up Your Fun Factor

Obviously, you need a dance floor and cocktails at your wedding. But what if people don’t want to let loose out in the open? What if some of your guests prefer a more private hangout? Photo booths represent a nice break from the action of the bar and dance floor. People no longer have to mingle and put on a show. They can wear funny costumes, make goofy faces, and be themselves. 

Photo booths are the perfect way for the bride and groom to give guests a unique trinket. It’s personalized, authentically them, and they can take as many photos home as they want. 

Additional Wedding Photos 

Not only will your guests have a memento, but they can share their photos with you down the road, creating a lasting bond not many weddings have. Most party favors are DIY and give you more responsibility than you can handle. 

You never know whether your guests will appreciate these types of mementos, either. However, when guests take photos of themselves, you put the power in their hands so you ensure they appreciate their gifts. 

Taking Pressure Off Your Photographer

You want your photographer to be able to focus on your wedding party and family. Your photographer will be able to get tons of great photos, but they won’t be able to catch everyone. The last thing you want is to miss all the fun behind the scenes. Wedding photo booths ensure you capture moments with all of your guests. 

How to Get the Most Out of Your Photo Booth

Choose the Perfect Location 

You should place your wedding photo booth in a high-traffic area, such as near the dance floor or bar. It should be visible and accessible to your guests. Occasionally, a planner will try to put the booth out of sight. This is a mistake. The more apparent it is that you have a photo booth, the more likely guests will use it. After all, what good is a wedding photo booth if no one engages in the fun? 

You should also leave some space around your photo booth since it will likely have a line throughout the evening. You don’t want to cram your guests into a tightly packed area. That takes the fun out of taking photos. 

Decide What Style Fits Your Preferences 

Your photo booth should fit your wedding’s aesthetics. Are you planning a black-tie event or will it be a laid-back, casual affair? Is it in an elegant space or a destination wedding at a beach?

You need to understand your venue’s layout. If your wedding is in an outdoor venue, you should make sure you have plenty of electrical outlets to hook up your photo booth. 

Inspect the Inside of the Booth 

You should know what the inside of your photo booth looks like to provide an enjoyable experience for your guests. Does your photo booth have a stool or bench for your guests to take a seat while creating memories? 

You should also inspect the photo booth the day before your wedding to ensure it matches your expectations. You should also be able to confirm how many people will fit in the booth at one time. 

Handpick Your Props

This is one of the most fun aspects of your photo booth experience. People love using props to liven up their photos and to make a unique impression. However, props can get out of hand if there are too many. You can go the minimalist route or rely on digital props to avoid this pitfall. Digital props are similar to Instagram filters, and they can create an experience just as memorable as any physical prop.

Schedule Open and Closed Times 

You should designate a time for your photo booth. You should also check with your photographer or live music company to see if there are ways to extend the photo booth time if your guests are enjoying themselves. You should also check to see if the allotted time includes your setup and breakdown times. 

Use a Photo Booth to Provide a Memorable Wedding Experience 

While you’re not required to have a photo booth at your wedding, they are a great way to give your guests something unique and tailored to their preferences. Photo booths make it easy to provide trinkets for your guests without you having to worry about whether your guests will appreciate the thought. 

This strategy takes stress off your shoulders — you won’t have to wonder whether everyone got their customized shot glasses or personalized coasters. More importantly, photo booth rentals are low maintenance and easy to install, making it one less thing to occupy your mind on your most important day.

Not only will RMF Entertainment be able to provide you with unforgettable entertainment from our platinum DJs, but our photo booths for wedding receptions will also ensure all of your guests have something unique they can take home. 

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