The Best Wedding Entertainment Ideas

Wedding entertainment is one of the most critical factors for the success of your wedding reception. There’s nothing wrong with a traditional wedding reception with cake, a DJ, and dancing. But don’t you want your wedding to stick out from the others and truly be a night to remember?

RMF DJs is here for all of your wedding DJ and entertainment services needs. Our platinum DJs are expert masters of ceremony and ensure your wedding reception runs smoothly. Additionally, we work to pair you with vendors who can make your wildest wedding entertainment dreams come true. 

Whether you want to capture the moment with a photo booth or add some fun and games with Prosecco beer pong, this article discusses the best wedding entertainment ideas. Continue reading for some top wedding entertainment ideas for your upcoming wedding reception. 

Wedding DJs

This is an obvious one, but there’s a reason why most people opt for wedding DJs. They add an unmistakable aesthetic to any party they host. Wedding DJs don’t only play music. They act as a master of ceremony, ensuring your wedding runs according to plan and stays on schedule. 

They can also bring various elements to the table, such as interactive laser lights and an exciting stage presence to add to the experience. 

Silent Disco 

Oh, you have a curfew? No problem. Break out the undercover party after the noise ordinances kick in. A silent disco is an excellent alternative if you want to keep the dance party going after hours.

It’s strange watching a bunch of people grooving to music together when there’s nothing playing over the loud speakers. However, if you have the headphones on, you can click with the crowd on a different level.  If nothing else, seeing a crowd bob their heads up and down to silence is quite a sight. 

Photo Booth

Having a photo booth for your wedding is both fun and sentimental. Everyone loves being goofy in photo booths, which makes your wedding more memorable. Your guests will be able to look back on your special day with big smiles on their faces, and they’ll be able to laugh. 

The photo booth makes weddings more lighthearted. Sure, your guests might embarrass themselves, but weddings aren’t supposed to be stuffy affairs. You’re celebrating the beginning of two lives together. It should be a joyous occasion and a photo booth is a way to capture these memories forever.

Professional Dancers

Coordinate with your DJ and hire professional dancers to liven up the party and turn your wedding reception into a spectacle. Dancers are the perfect option if you want to spice up your party and add something most weddings don’t offer.


If you’re looking to wow your guests with some explosive material, fireworks are the way to go. No, we don’t just mean sparklers. We’re talking about the big guns. You can even have fireworks indoors. Think of a Kiss concert, except much more elegant and classy. 

DIY Cocktail Bar 

The perfect way for your guests to get crafty during your wedding. We all know how open bars are a necessity, but what if everyone could act as their own bartender? You could even make a few competitions out of it to see who makes the best drink. Have the DJ host. 

Nowadays, wedding entertainment is all about creativity and creating a unique experience. So, when you think of a DIY cocktail bar, don’t just think about people making their drinks. Think about the other possibilities. 

Choreographed Dance 

The celebrities do it, so can you. Talk to your wedding DJ about what they can do to help you choreograph your dance and they should be able to accommodate your wishes. Remember, it’s your wedding. You should be able to make the memories last with whatever you decide. 

Art Installations 

Your wedding is the one night where you can get as quirky as you want. Everyone is there for you and you should express yourself in whatever way you deem fit. Having an art installation to decorate your wedding is one of the quickest ways to make your wedding stand out. 

In a sea of the same weddings over and over again, make yours stand out with premier wedding entertainment services. Get some of the local artists to decorate your wedding and your guests will appreciate your creativity. 

Dry Ice Machine 

If you want to add some epic party vibes to your wedding reception, you should consider incorporating a dry ice machine. It will make your entrance noteworthy as everyone will remember you walking through the fog to your first song. 

Arcade Games

If you’re a gamer from the eighties or nineties, arcade games can give your wedding a touch of nostalgia. There aren’t many other ways to make your reception cooler than having Pac-Man or pinball at the party. You just need to make sure your best man remembers to deliver his speech. These games can be addicting. 

Giant Jenga 

Here’s another way to add some friendly competitiveness to your wedding reception. The tension is palpable with Jenga and once the blocks fall, your guests embrace in laughter and lighthearted cheer. Just make sure you don’t let that one guy who takes games too seriously play. The last thing you need is a Jenga scuffle to break out.  

Cigar Bar 

Is there anything more classy than puffing on a stogie after taking your vows? Few things cap a wedding celebration like the smell of rich cigar smoke billowing in the air. Grab a Cohiba or a Monte Cristo, sit back in a leather chair, and enjoy the night of your life. 

Prosecco Pong 

We all played beer pong in college, but it’s your wedding night. It’s time to graduate to something a little more classy. Nothing says “I do” like ten glasses of bubbly. 

Outdoor Games 

There’s nothing wrong with your standard wedding reception. The bride and groom dance first. You have a cake-cutting ceremony, some dancing, and then the festivities draw to an end. 

However, if you’re looking for something a little more laid back, why not have a cornhole tournament? How about you take it back and do the limbo? Whatever interactive games you can use, try to incorporate them into your wedding entertainment. 

Make a Music Video 

If all else fails, why not? Make a full-scale music video. It can be difficult to coordinate music videos, but if you have an ambitious bunch of guests, it can be one of the most rewarding, memorable experiences of your wedding. Imagine genuinely capturing the moment and making something together. 

Conclusion- The Best Wedding Entertainment Ideas

COVID-19 showed us that weddings aren’t a given. They can be taken away from us at any moment. Now that restrictions are lifting, perhaps it’s time to rethink weddings and steer away from the more traditional reception ideas. 

These wedding entertainment ideas are all about making your wedding the most memorable it can be. You don’t want your wedding to be the same as everyone else’s. Use these ideas to spice up your wedding. 

RMF DJs is Montana’s premier wedding DJ service that can turn your wedding into the wedding of your dreams. Our interactive photo booths and platinum DJs make sure your entertainment plan is where you want it and we walk you through every step of the wedding reception planning process. 

Contact us today to learn more about how RMF DJs can bring the party to your wedding reception. 

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