Should I Get a DJ for My Wedding?

Planning the perfect wedding is never easy. For anyone who has been included in a friend or family member’s wedding planning, you’ll know how true this is. While juggling invitations, wardrobe, numerous guests, food, and your quirky extended family, it can be easy to let something like the music slide. But, this doesn’t mean you should have a silent wedding. A wedding DJ, one of the more popular music options for this special day, can help create an evening you’ll never forget. 

But what exactly does a wedding DJ do? And how do they stack up against other music options, such as a live band or simply letting your iPod run? Compared to other music choices, a DJ can do so much more than simply keep the music playing. Many couples choose a DJ for their big day because they help with audio equipment, serve as an emcee for the entire evening, and of course, they know the perfect songs to get your guests moving. 

In this blog, we’re taking a closer look at what exactly a wedding DJ does and some of the top benefits of choosing this music option for your wedding. We then answer the important question that is sure to be on the mind of every bride and groom: Should I get a DJ for my wedding?

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This seems like a simple question, right? A wedding DJ plays music at a wedding. While that’s certainly true, it’s not the complete story. A wedding DJ can offer so much more than simply playing all your favorite hits.

In addition to crafting a unique and personalized playlist for your event, a wedding DJ can also:

·  Provide audio equipment: the best wedding DJ arrives at your event with all the audio equipment they need. Not only does this give you one less thing to worry about, but it also means you’ll have access to top-notch sound equipment for your big day.

·  Fix any audio equipment issues: if your cousin is in charge of the music and something with the audio equipment suddenly goes wrong, what are you supposed to do? By hiring a professional wedding DJ, you’ll have someone in the room who understands audio equipment and will be able to provide solutions to most technical issues that arise throughout the evening. 

·  Help you select music: we’ve all got a list of our favorite songs, but how well will they be received at a wedding? While ensuring you have complete freedom over your song choices, a wedding DJ can provide insight into the type of music that people love at these big events. They can also help you set the right tone by mixing different styles of music throughout the evening.

·  Serve as your emcee: an emcee, which stands for “master of ceremonies,” does so much more than just play music. They’ll keep your guests entertained with a lively personality and can even help you keep the day organized. They help guests transition through different parts of the wedding and keep everyone on the same page.

·  Cover your back: let’s say the food is taking longer to prepare than you expected. What do you do? Or what if someone can’t find the bride’s father for the father-daughter dance? An experienced wedding DJ can throw on a few extra tracks or keep your guests entertained if any minor issues pop up throughout the course of the evening. 


As you can see, the versatility of a wedding DJ is one of their greatest strengths. Not only can they spin the tracks, but they’ll help you organize your event, provide technical assistance, and offer your event access to top audio equipment. But what are some other reasons that you should consider hiring a wedding DJ for your event?

Here’s a look at some additional benefits of hiring a wedding DJ:

·  More cost-effective than a live band.

·  Takes up less space. 

·  Huge catalogue of the best wedding songs.

·  Interact with guests.

·  Technical experience.

·  Flexible with time and space. 


Wedding DJs are consistently one of the most popular music options for weddings of all sizes. But this doesn’t mean  wedding DJs are your only option. Live bands are also a popular choice for many couples. While this tends to be a more expensive option, a live band provides spontaneous energy that is tough to match. Many live bands take song requests on the spot and play a variety of musical genres.

Many couples also opt for simply having a friend or family member who thinks they know how to DJ. With an iPod or laptop and a little technical experience, it’s not too challenging to set up your music for the evening. However, if something goes wrong, you may not know how to fix it. A friend with an iPod also won’t be able to match the energy and emcee skills of a professional and experienced wedding DJ. 


Now we’re back to our original question: should I get a DJ for my wedding? While it seems simple, this isn’t the easiest question to answer. Whether or not your wedding needs a DJ comes down to your preferences, style, venue, size of the event, and of course, your budget.

Whether staying indoors or choosing an outdoor wedding venue, a wedding DJ could be just what you need. Compared to other music options, such as a live band or just a friend with a computer, there are clear advantages to hiring a wedding DJ. Not only will they handle all your musical needs throughout the evening, but they can also serve as an emcee who keeps the night on schedule and interacts with your guests.

Hiring a professional wedding DJ also ensures that you’ll have an audio expert on location who can address any technical issues. Since a wedding DJ can handle so many different roles and tasks, hiring a wedding DJ will help you relax and get a chance to truly enjoy this important day. 


There’s no shortage of things to worry about on your wedding day. While the big day, of course, is all about sharing your love with your friends and family, it can easily become overwhelming and even stressful, robbing you of the joy of your own wedding. But through careful and thoughtful planning, you can avoid those wedding day hiccups and actually enjoy the event. 

When it comes to music for the event, hiring a DJ for your wedding is one of the most popular options. Wedding DJs can add a fun personality, technical expertise, and a top-notch music selection for your evening. While a live band or a friend with a computer could get the job done, it’s hard to match the energy and personal touch of a wedding DJ. 

Visit us today at RMF DJs to book a professional wedding DJ. This simple choice will allow you to experience wedding entertainment of a lifetime with Montana’s top choice for wedding entertainment. 

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