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If you’re planning a wedding, you’ll need to choose what kind of music and entertainment you want. The right live musician, band, or wedding DJ can help set the tone for a memorable and exciting evening for you and your guests. However, choosing between multiple entertainment options might take up too much of your valuable time. In this blog, we’ll review the pros and cons of hiring a live musician or wedding band for your special day. 

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Why the Music Matters

Your wedding doesn’t have to be the most formal or expensive event. You don’t necessarily have to have an extensive guest list, either. However, whether your wedding is a large or small affair, you’ll need music to accompany the most important moments. Live music and entertainment help create an unforgettable atmosphere and can often prove to be one of the night’s highlights.

Pro #1: Unique Tunes

When you hire a live musician or wedding band for your special day, you won’t have to stick to the traditional classics. Whether it’s a jazz band you’re working with or an acoustician, there should be plenty of opportunities for the standout riffs and tangents that can only be enjoyed with live music.

You can still select your favorite songs, but you’ll hear them in a way that’s entirely unique and special. After all, who doesn’t love a good remix or cover? There’s no denying that live music can be so much more engaging and entertaining for your guests, particularly if you’re planning to host a larger party.

Con #1: Space

When choosing an entertainment vendor, make sure to think about the space at your venue, especially if the event is indoors. A full wedding band will occupy more space than a wedding DJ or single musician.

If the venue does not have a dedicated stage, you might need to reorganize your tables, which might leave things feeling a bit cramped. Don’t forget- you’ll want plenty of space for the dance floor as well.

Pro #2: An Intimate Vibe

A wedding DJ or live band might feel a little over the top if you're hosting a smaller wedding. A country or contemporary acoustician and vocalist can set the perfect intimate, relaxed tone for the ceremony without going overboard. Alternatively, you can give your wedding a bit more of a classy vibe with live music. A wedding DJ is great for big parties, but live music lets you customize the night's vibe more easily.

Con #2: Price

There’s no denying that booking live music can be significantly more expensive than a wedding DJ. Wedding DJs are generally the most cost-effective way to ensure the evening is pleasant for the guests and memorable for the couple.

If the wedding band you want to hire is fairly popular, you may need to start making plans several months in advance. No matter which direction you choose to go in for your wedding music, make sure there are flexible booking options in case your plans change or you need to move the date.

Pro #3: Great for Both Indoor and Outdoor Venues

If you’re planning to host an outdoor wedding, you’ll find that hiring a live band or musician is just as easy as booking a wedding DJ. Most wedding entertainment vendors include setup expenses in the price. This typically includes equipment such as microphones, amplifiers, and speakers.

With an outdoor venue, you also won’t have to worry as much about having enough space. All you’ll have to do to ensure everything goes smoothly is ensure you have a reliable power supply — something your venue manager will usually set up on your behalf. 

If you’re planning an outdoor wedding this season, make sure to check out RMF’s guide to planning an outdoor wedding in Montana.

Con #3: Limited Styles

Choosing a live band for your wedding could limit your song options compared to hiring a DJ. You’ll likely have to stick with a set style or sound for the evening. While you’ll still have plenty of freedom when it comes to planning the details of your wedding entertainment, you’ll probably need to assemble the tracklist a bit further in advance so that your musicians can learn the key songs or riffs you want to hit.

Pro #4: Unmatched Atmosphere

It’s simple: there’s nothing quite like live music. The atmosphere, the positive vibe, the improvised riffs from the classics- these all add up to make each moment on your special day a series of moments you’ll never forget. Whether you’re hiring a full band or bringing on the talent of one of RMF’s acoustic or country musicians, your guests will appreciate and feel energized by the performance and spend more time on the reception dance floor.

Deciding Between Live Music and a Wedding DJ

While there are plenty of pros and cons associated with hiring a live band instead of a wedding DJ (and vice versa), the music will highlight your favorite moments during the ceremony and keep your guests entertained throughout the reception. 

Can’t decide between these options? Hire both! 

RMF Entertainment offers exclusive live music and wedding DJ packages to help you experience the best of both worlds. As one of the best wedding entertainment providers in Montana, we’re committed to providing a premier level of service, professionalism, and charisma for your event. Give us a call at (406) 531-2321, or book your date online today.

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