How to Plan a Destination Wedding

Planning your wedding in another country or state will make your evening even more unforgettable. However, planning this type of event will quickly turn into a challenge if you’re not prepared. You’ll need to think carefully about the location, where you’re going to hire wedding vendors, and how you’ll accommodate you and your guests. 

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In this article, we’re offering a few tips that make setting up your destination wedding as easy as possible. By spending more time planning and budgeting, you ensure as much as possible goes according to plan.

Decide on a Budget

To plan your wedding, whether at a local venue or a romantic getaway destination, you need to set a budget. Your budget will help determine what expenses are worth the investment and the vendors you can hire. If you’re planning to travel outside of the US, you need to consider transportation expenses. You’ll also want to research the local costs at your destination. Depending on where you go, certain vendors and venues might cost less than you think.

Choose a Location With Your Guest List in Mind

A destination wedding is your opportunity to explore a new and exciting country or state. However, not every locale is a good fit for a wedding. You’ll need to think carefully about how the accommodations and venues in each place match your guest list as well as you and your intended. Do any of your guests require special accessibility arrangements? Is the area surrounding the venue and accommodations safe and walkable? A few of your guests may also require childcare or similar services. Make sure to check the most recent travel advisories before you make your decision.

Hire a Wedding Planner

A wedding planner is one of the first vendors you should hire. Your wedding planner should understand your destination, feel comfortable with your expectations, and communication and what they charge should be clear. The correct wedding planner will help you find other vendors, such as your photographer, catering team, and wedding DJ. They can also help you negotiate prices for key expenses, such as your venue.   

Visit Your Venue in Advance

Planning a short trip to your destination before your wedding can give you an idea of what to expect and ensure that everything goes according to plan. Meet with your venue’s manager or on-site coordinator, and then have them show you the space and how setup works. 

Think Carefully About Guest Accommodations

Most of the time, your guests will pay for their own hotel or Airbnb. However, there are several things you can do to make sure booking is easy for your guests. Reserve a block of hotel rooms to keep your guests in one place if you have a smaller guest list. You can also recommend a few local options for your guests, so they have price flexibility. Lastly, consider the most popular tourist seasons to make sure the bookings aren’t too expensive.  

Research More Events Or Sites Near the Venue

Your wedding destination should have plenty of unique, exciting opportunities to explore the local culture, nature, and food, outside of your venue. You’ll want to research a few of the popular attractions, hikes, and tours, and plan a few fun activities, as either a couple or as a group of friends and family. By organizing a few extra events outside of the actual wedding, you’ll be sure to have a more memorable experience. 

Hire a Wedding DJ or Live Musician

A wedding DJ or live musician will help you set up the perfect atmosphere for your ceremony and reception. Music selections and vocals are tailored to your personality and preferences, so that all of the most important moments during the ceremony and reception have the right musical accompaniment. 

Wedding DJs are typically the most cost-effective option for wedding music. However, there’s nothing quite like live music. Can’t decide between these two options? You might be able to hire both. If you’re hosting your destination wedding in Montana, RMF Entertainment offers a signature live music and DJ package that make your wedding all the more memorable and romantic. 

Pack Your Bags With Care

If your destination requires you to travel by plane, you’ll need to think carefully about what you’re going to pack in your checked luggage. Most airlines set a limit of two checked bags per person, which means you might need to ask your family to help get some of the most important items to and from the destination. Make sure to plan according to the weather and local climate of the destination, particularly when it comes to selecting a wedding dress. The most important items, such as your dress, are always things you should carry with you on the plane, rather than leave in your checked luggage.

Conclusion- How to Plan a Destination Wedding

A destination wedding is a fun, exciting way to travel and explore while experiencing one of the best days of your life. The amazing photos, unique culture, and built-in vacation that comes with these arrangements makes it the perfect way for adventurous couples to celebrate the occasion. 

Planning a destination wedding in Montana? The stunning landscapes, unique hiking trails, and beautiful vistas make this state the perfect place for your wedding or honeymoon getaway. If you’re planning a wedding in Montana, RMF Entertainment can provide you with outstanding wedding DJ and live music services. Meet our DJs and live musicians for weddings on our website today and book your date with confidence.

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