How to Decide On a DJ for Your Corporate Business Events (2022)

Hiring a DJ can have a tremendous impact on almost any gathering or celebration. This guide is for event planners or anyone else trying to decide on a DJ for their corporate business events. It covers what you should expect from the DJ hiring process and how to make sure you don’t make the wrong decision. 

Planning any party is stressful, but when your professional success depends on the entertainment you provide to your company, the stakes rise even further. A recent market survey found that live events are the most powerful networking channel for companies to achieve their business goals. Because of this, you need to be positive that the DJ you hire can deliver a memorable experience for all of your colleagues and guests. 

Use this guide to help you navigate the various aspects of hiring an experienced DJ for your corporate business event. The tips included in this guide will help you answer the questions around how to make an event successful, and how to make a corporate business event fun while still remaining professional. 

RMF DJs is a Montana entertainment company that can make sure everyone at your event loves the entertainment you provide. Our platinum event DJs understand how to make your corporate event entertainment visions come true.

Why Should I Hire a Professional DJ?

When planning your corporate business event, you should first examine the purpose of your event. Some events don’t call for a corporate event DJ For example, if you are part of a smaller company planning to host a smaller event, you might not need a DJ company. 

However, if you plan a larger event designed to get the crowd excited, then hiring a DJ can ensure your guests are satisfied by the entertainment, earning yourself some points from your colleagues. 

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Take the Guesswork Out of Your Party Planning

Crippling indecision is one of the easiest ways to ruin your corporate business event. Hiring a DJ is an easy, proven way to get the entertainment off your plate right away. Keeping your guests entertained is half the battle of planning a corporate event. 

Soon you’ll be scheduling meetings on the dance floor and wrapping them up in time for cocktail hour!

DJs Are a Cost-Effective Alternative to a Band

Deciding between a weddings band and a DJ can be challenging, but there are several reasons DJs are typically much more popular than live bands. A high-quality event DJ will cost less than a high-quality event band because bands have more members; the average cost of a DJ is always lower. On top of the cost-effective aspect of hiring an event DJ for your corporate event, you also only have to worry about coordinating one person’s schedule.

When you hire a band with multiple members, you run the risk of one of them not showing up to your event. When you hire a corporate event DJ, you can coordinate and stay in contact with one person, making the planning process smoother. 

DJs Offer a Broader Music Selection

DJs can switch their sets up depending on the mood of the party. It can be challenging to determine your guests’ mood. Professional event DJs can read the room and adapt their set to the crowd better than a band. Furthermore, unlike a band, DJ services are not limited to playing only songs or even genres they already know. DJs offer a massive collection of music compared to a band who knows a handful of songs.

How to Book a DJ for Your Corporate Business Event

We have established why hiring a DJ is the safest bet when planning your corporate business event’s entertainment. But how should you approach hiring a DJ? What qualities should you look for in a reputable DJ? What to ask a DJ before hiring? And can you get away with hiring an amateur DJ? 


While you may know more than one amateur DJ, do you really want to leave the fate of your corporate business event entertainment in the hands of an amateur?

Hiring a professional DJ with extensive experience shows that they can keep their composure in multiple situations. This experience level comes in handy when it comes to DJing for different companies. 

When trying to decide on your corporate event DJ, remember that the one who has experience in multiple fields has the most knowledge of how different crowds react. They will be able to think on their feet and connect with people easier. Hire a DJ with ample professional experience to ease your mind and maximize your company’s big day.


The type of equipment a DJ uses matters when choosing a DJ to host your corporate business event. For example, if your company has over 100 people who can invite guests to the event, the DJ needs to create a lively environment for a large group. If the DJ doesn’t have the proper equipment, the entertainment could flop.  

State-of-the-art equipment is less important than the quality of the DJ, but even the most talented DJs can’t use tiny speakers to make a large crowd feel alive. 

Musical Knowledge 

Corporate event DJs need a breadth of musical knowledge to change the mood of the event accordingly. If a DJ doesn’t have a wide enough spectrum of experience, they may play the wrong type of music at your event and throw off the vibes you’re trying to create. 

Choose a DJ who clearly understands the different music genres you need to present at your event. By hiring a DJ with extensive music knowledge, you ensure that all of your guests enjoy the event and that you don’t alienate anyone. 

You can gauge a DJ’s musical knowledge by looking at their resume and seeing what events they’ve DJed in the past. DJs with eclectic experiences will most likely have the most diverse musical backgrounds.


Professionalism is perhaps the most crucial characteristic of a high-quality corporate event DJ. Because corporate business events often host the most influential people in your industry or company, hiring a master of ceremonies who can control the flow of the party while engaging with guests is paramount to a successful event. 

Staying professional is about more than just being on time. It’s also about how well the DJ can engage with the guests and coordinate the party’s schedule. A premier corporate event DJ should announce when things happen throughout the event and coordinate the musical style to fit the various aspects. They should know when to liven up the room for an award presentation and direct the guests’ attention to a key speaker.

Additionally, platinum DJs should understand how to deal with guests who get out of line or too intoxicated. They shouldn’t engage in any inappropriate behavior, and they should always represent the company with the utmost respect, preserving your brand’s image. 


One of the most efficient ways to book a corporate event DJ is by studying their references. Who recommends the DJ that you’re considering for your event? What parties have they coordinated in the past, and what do those guests say about their performance?

When studying corporate Event DJs references, look for a broad range of clients. Are they successful in multiple environments, or can they only succeed in specific venues? Are they better suited for large groups, or have they thrived in smaller venues in the past?

Conducting this type of research will tell you which DJ is best for your event. Many DJs have raving reviews on Wedding Wire, but determining which one will bring the best atmosphere to your company’s corporate business event comes down to the references’ specificity. 

Choose a DJ who fits with your preferences and who has fantastic reviews. Don’t just book the first DJ you see with 5-star reviews. 

How Much Does It Cost to Rent a DJ for a Party?

Party Size 

Determining how much it costs to rent a DJ for your party depends on a few factors. The first determinate of your costs is the size and extravagance of your party.  If you have over three hundred attendees and the event has unique qualifications that the DJ has to consider, the DJ service will be extra. 

Set Length 

Another factor that determines DJ costs is the set length. The longer that you require a DJ’s services, the more they will charge you. DJs typically charge their flat rates at around 3-6 hours, so if you have an exceptionally long set length, you’ll need to account for that when budgeting for your entertainment. 

DJs might also have run-over time, so you must plan thoroughly for exactly how much time you will need your DJ.


The type of equipment your DJ needs will depend on other factors, such as your party’s size. However, if your DJ needs to make special arrangements such as renting more equipment, you could experience a surcharge. 

RMF DJs Is Here for Your Corporate Event DJ Needs

Hiring a DJ for your corporate business event is a question of trust. At RMF DJs, we take our clients’ musical and party preferences seriously and assure that we exceed your expectations. It’s relieving knowing that your party’s entertainment is in the right hands. 

If you’re satisfied with your corporate event DJ, consider hiring a wedding DJ for your big day. Your dream wedding demands you find the perfect wedding venue, conduct the best wedding reception possible, and stay within your wedding budget. 

DJs for weddings are cheaper compared to live band options as well. On average in the U.S., a wedding band costs $4,500, while a wedding DJ cost averages $1,000. When taking into account the very expensive cost of a wedding, consider a wedding DJ to save you money on your wedding day.

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