2022 Wedding Trends

Though the wedding planning environment has somewhat recovered from the pandemic, there are still changes and irregularities to respond to as we look ahead to 2022 and beyond. 2021 was full of exciting new trends that made your wedding memorable and safe. Some 2022 wedding trends will be similar to the top 2021 wedding trends. But as we adapt to the stresses of a rapidly changing world, some of these trends are taking place irrespective of the pandemic. 

2022 wedding trends range from sustainable wedding invitations to planning outdoor and weekday weddings. They also focus on continuing to rekindle the relationships that suffered over the last few years. 

Uniting friends and families while ensuring couples feel like they have complete control over their wedding planning is the focal point of most 2022 wedding trends. In addition, they focus on shifting weddings to a post-pandemic world while retaining what we loved from the pre-2020 wedding environment. 

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Weekday Weddings 

Venues are still swamped from the pent-up demand from the pandemic, and most of their weekend spots are still booked. The cost benefits combined with the option to get married in the couple’s dream venues are particularly attractive to couples in 2022, making weekday weddings appealing. 


The ongoing quest for sustainability has continued to infiltrate the wedding planning process. In 2022, couples are looking for sustainable everything- from wedding invitations to utensils. Technology advancements make this more accessible than ever with sustainably-minded platforms, such as Paperless Post and Minted. 

Virtual Save the Dates 

2022 will see a continuing shift towards more virtual wedding planning. This shift includes moving towards virtual wedding invitations. Though many couples prefer the tangible nature of stationery, virtual wedding invitations are better for the environment and align with the push towardsustainable wedding features . Virtual wedding invitations offer benefits such as the ability to accommodate last-minute changes and budget-friendly, sustainable options to invite guests to your wedding. 

Bright, Vibrant Colors 

Mute and pastel colors have been popular wedding decoration colors for a few years now and the trend has started to shift. Warm, earthy tones, vibrant color palettes, and eccentric combinations are all adding to flair to weddings in 2022. In fact, Pantone, an agency with ample wedding trend prediction experience, suggests 2022 will be vibrant, with pink-purple, and electric blue combinations that add pop to the wedding season. 

Unusual Reception Table Layouts

Unusual reception table layouts make sense from both an aesthetic and safety perspective. Because the pandemic forced couples to rethink their reception designs, they were forced to think outside of the box. Necessity is the mother of invention and these unique table designs are going to be here long-term, even after safety precautions are somewhat unnecessary. 

As a result, there are plenty of creative layouts that are starting to make impressions on couples planning their weddings. Square tables, infinity shapes, U-shapes, T-shapes; you name it, couples are giving it a try. These unique designs are perfect for anyone trying to make their wedding stand out to guests. 


Couples are leaning toward smaller weddings than in the past. Weddings with less than 50 people constitute micro-weddings. With the omicron variant at play and uncertainty still involved in the wedding planning process, micro-weddings offer the prospect of security and safety.  They also have benefits such as costs and atmosphere, creating more intimacy for less money. 

With micro-weddings, you share the wedding with the people you care about most: close friends and family. This ambiance lends itself to a more intimate experience.

Sequel Weddings 

Not all couples canceled their wedding plans in 2020 and 2021. Many couples who got married in smaller celebrations during 2020 and 2021 are going to have complete celebrations in 2022. Most of these events will be larger-scale and focused on celebrating with those who couldn’t attend their 2020 or 2021 ceremony. Some couples have even saved their vows and first dance for the sequel weddings. 

Bistro Wedding Entertainment

More relaxed wedding entertainment services might make their way into 2022 weddings. These weddings include more laid-back entertainment experiences, such as DJs playing cafes for smaller weddings and modifying their sets to accommodate their guests. In addition, the pandemic forced DJs across the nation to expand their repertoire to play at more intimate settings and provide a broader range of entertainment. The best DJs found ways to adapt to these changing conditions and keep the guests entertained. 

Outdoor and Tented Weddings 

As we emerge from the pandemic, many couples will opt for outdoor and tented weddings, especially during the summer months. Additionally, many of the preferred venues still have restrictions in place as well as limited availability, adding to the allure of an outdoor or tented wedding. 

Hosting outdoor weddings will also allow couples to implement DIY decor into their wedding design. You can also enlist the help of a planner for elaborate tent and lighting designs to match or even surpass the aesthetics of any traditional indoor venue. 


These aren’t the kind of spur-of-the-moment, Vegas-style weddings Bruno Mars sings about in “I Wanna Marry You.” In the wake of 2022, couples favor more intimate gatherings, including elopements. Couples are getting adventurous and planning their elopements in exotic destinations, making them more personal, unique, and memorable.

The elopement trend will continue in 2022 and not just due to pandemic restrictions. Couples care more about what they want to do instead of what their friends and family tell them to do or what society thinks about the correct way to get married. If anything, the pandemic has reminded couples who is really important when it comes to their wedding day. 

Unexpected Wedding Locations 

In 2022, more couples will get married in unexpected locations. Want a wedding on a boat? No problem. In a coffee shop? Nothing is out of bounds in 2022. Wedding DJs have adapted their playing capabilities to accommodate these new, exciting venues. 

Reimagined Entertainment

Brides and grooms are reimagining the way they plan their entertainment. Couples are going for more innovative entertainment options, including concert-style receptions with socially distanced seating. These receptions are more intimate and promote more toasts throughout the evening. 

Conclusion- Wedding Trends 2022

Planning weddings during the pandemic has been an ongoing challenge for all couples? Luckily, 2022 is a year of rebirth and one that will bring you and your loved ones together for an epic celebration. So whether it’s having more outdoor weddings, re-envisioning your wedding entertainment and wedding DJs, or changing up your seating a little bit, you can still have the wedding of your dreams in 2022. 

If the pandemic taught us anything, it’s that we need to get creative with how we plan our important dates. 2022’s wedding trends show us that we’re on the right track to make our weddings more sustainable and adapt how we envision these monumental events. 

RMF DJs understands how to make your wedding entertainment dreams come true. Our platinum DJs have extensive experience in wedding types of all kinds and we can accommodate your COVID-19 wedding needs. 

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