2020 Wedding Trends

Every new year comes with new trends, especially in the world of weddings. I’m extra excited for this turn of wedding trends because it’s not only a new year but a new DECADE (which I still have a hard time believing)

Every new year comes with new trends, especially in the world of weddings. I’m extra excited for this turn of wedding trends, because it’s not only a new year, but a new DECADE (which I still have a hard time believing)

While many of these trends have been ongoing and might not surprise you, there are some that are sure to change the wedding game in the near future. As always, keep in mind that while there are certain aspects to weddings that are “trending,” you should always stay true to yourself and what speaks to you when planning and designing your wedding day. 2020 is going to be the year of personal style and expression. Just because there is a new trend on the rise for 2020, doesn’t mean you have to include it in your 2020 wedding.

Now, the moment you’ve all been waiting for. I have been researching trends from all over the and have compiled the top predictions from pros all over the country, as well as some of my own to bring you:

Top Wedding Trends For 2020

Green, Green & More Green

Green vibes are all over this wedding season and in more ways than one. The use of greenery for decoration will continue to trend, but we will also see a large shift in environmentally friendly weddings. More and more couples are incorporating ways to recycle and up-cycle to create more sustainable weddings. With this, we also expect to see an increase of reusing family stones for engagement rings, or reusing family rings altogether.

Micro Weddings

Micro weddings are absolutely on the rise, but what exactly does this mean? A micro wedding is different from an elopement (although we are seeing an increase in these as well). It is a wedding that is small when it comes to guest attendance, typically less than 50 people, but the budget per guest is higher. These weddings still deliver the same elegance, sophistication and fun larger weddings do, but on a much more intimate level. I’m totally a fan of the micro wedding trend!


I have been seeing this term everywhere and it is anticipated to be one of the biggest trends in this 2020 wedding season. The term mysticism in relation to weddings means we expect to see a lot of “spiritually charged” elements incorporated into the wedding. This might be is the use of crystals in the decor, saging, or even having a tarot card reader to interact with your guests. Again, this is likely location specific and if it’s not something that is up your alley, don’t incorporate it into your wedding.

Attire + Accessories


No, veils aren’t going anywhere quite yet, but we will see an increase in the use of hairpieces. It’s no secret the 90’s have made a comeback when it comes to fashion as we’ve seen scrunchies and barrettes, make their way back into fashion. We expect to see this transfer into wedding fashion and hair as well, as more brides are opting to use barrettes, clips and hair pieces in their hair rather than the flowers and flower crowns we saw so often the last few years.

More Extravagant Attire

2019 was the year of sleek and sexy, when it comes to wedding gowns. In 2020, we don’t expect them to go away, but we will likely see them take a bit of a back seat to the ball gowns and more embellished wedding gown styles. The idea is to show more personality and show off your personal style. If ‘bridal’ doesn’t speak to you – wear what does! I think we will be seeing this ball gown and embellished wedding dress trend on the rise, possibly as a result from some 1920s inspiration and I can’t wait to see how else this influences the industry and other trends. “More is more” is the motto for 2020 wedding dresses and I am here for it.

Mismatched Bridesmaids

Gone are the days where bridesmaids where the exact same dress in the exact same color and same hairstyle…and thank goodness! I LOVE when bridesmaids have the option to choose their dress (even if it’s from a list from preselected dresses from the bride). They get to choose something they feel comfortable in and in return – they look comfortable too….Hello great photos! Additionally, you can incorporate more of your own personal style, reflected in your bridesmaids when there are more options to choose from.

Super-Sized Veil

As we mentioned before, even with the rising trend of hairpieces, veils are still not going anywhere. In fact, we are expecting them in a BIG way (quite literally) in 2020 following the motto “go big or go home.” It’s all or nothing for veils this year as we will see a lot of Priyanka and Hailey Baldwin inspired veils, or no veil at all.

Color In Men’s Suits

Blue will continue to be a popular color for groom and groomsmen’s suits, and we will also see more patterns and textures incorporated into the groom’s suit. Again, this follows along with the wedding dress trend of showing your personality and personal style. Nothing is off limits.

Food & Drink

More Diverse Menus

Wedding food is straying away from the gold standard Beef, Chicken or Fish option we’ve seen for years. Many couples are choosing to offer a variety of selections, offering something that is suitable for every guest in attendance. We are seeing more Gluten-Free, Vegetarian and Vegan options at weddings than ever before.

Interactive And Creative Eats

On the topic of wedding food, in addition to being more inclusive, we are also seeing a rise in the creativity of the way food is presented and served. “Interactive food stations” are becoming more popular where guests can watch their food being made. These food stations also allow guests to choose from a variety of cuisine options rather than go through the run-of-the-mill buffet line. Maybe each station is a different style of cuisine from around the world, or maybe there’s a build-your-own baked potato bar with allllll the fixins. However you choose to display it, it’s okay to get creative with your meal at your wedding!

The Grazing Table

We saw a HUGE rise in the concept of a “grazing table” for cocktail hour and throughout the wedding reception in 2019 and this trend will prevail in 2020. The difference we will see this time around, however, is the heavy use of cheese, in place of the variety of meats and nuts that are traditionally seen for cocktail hour…or cheese hour, if you will.

Specialty Liquor Bars

In 2020, we expect to see couples get more creative with their bar set-up and incorporate their own personal touches and style. For example, maybe you and your fiancé got engaged in Mexico and you both love tequila. So, in addition to the basic beer and wine served by your bartenders, you set-up a tequila bar with your favorite kinds of tequila and guests can choose from a drink menu that includes on the rocks, a shot, or a blended Margherita. We’ve also seen bubbly bars on wheels where servers bring the champagne to your guests, much like they would with appetizers on a tray, perhaps with monogrammed napkins and fancy glassware. Small personal touches when it comes to the bar can really elevate the experience for your guests.


“Classic Blue” Is The Pantone Color Of The Year

We saw this color used frequently in 2019 weddings and I am happy to see it will be sticking around. The use of this blue brings a sense of freshness as well as elegance that is hard to achieve with other colors. If you’re struggling to pick a color palette for your 2020 wedding, you can’t go wrong with classic blue.

Bold Uses Of Color

We have seen persistent use of earth tones, pastels and neutrals over the last couple years and I have to say, while I love these palettes, I am happy to see more bold colors make their way onto the scene in 2020. We anticipate couples using bold pops of colors in their wedding decor this year, as well as incorporating more patterns and textures. Don’t be afraid of mixing textures and prints!

90S Influence

The average age couples are getting married in 2020 is 33, so we anticipate the 90s to play an inspirational role when it comes to wedding colors and style. We will see things like holographic and iridescent stationery, hair pieces and possibly even denim playing a role in 2020 weddings.

Statement Wedding Decor

We all want that Pinterest-worthy, wow-your-guests wedding that everyone will be talking about for the rest of the year, am I right? Rather then stretching your budget to make every category of your wedding top-notch, we are seeing an increase in couples choosing one or two areas of their wedding where they go “all out,” in a sense. This could be a wonderfully decorated photo wall, an elaborate backdrop behind the head table or maybe the head table decor in itself. This is an opportunity to really personalize an element of your wedding and make it feel like you, and not feel the need to invest hundreds on decor throughout your whole wedding.

Unique Escort Cards

Couples that choose to have a seating chart are finding new and unique ways to display their escort cards and incorporate it into their design and decor. This is another wedding trend we expect to see on the rise for 2020 and can’t wait to see the creativity our brides have this year. You can check out some great escort and place cards from Minted here

Unique Table Set-Ups

Couples are getting more creative with their table arrangements at wedding ceremonies and we anticipate 2020 weddings to have more fun designs when it comes to the floorpan and layout of your tables. Think: winding tables, snaking around trees through your reception site. This goes for ceremony set-ups as well. We are seeing more round and A-symmetrical ceremony set-ups than ever before.

Sweetheart Tables

I anticipate more weddings to include a sweetheart table (where the couple sits alone) rather than a full head table with the entire bridal party. Many couples are also choosing to do more of a communal head table set-up where the significant others of the bridal party members can sit with one another during the reception.


Edible Flowers

We expect to see the use of edible flowers on the rise in 2020. This simple use of edible flowers has the potential to really elevate the presentation, whether they are on a cake, in ice cubes, garnished in cocktails or mixed in to salads, the possibilities are truly endless.

Dried Flowers

The edible flowers pair very well with dried flowers, as we see these incorporated more and more in both bridal bouquets and arrangements, as well as during the ceremony – either down the aisle or used as confetti after “I do.” The use of dried flowers paired with fresh flowers adds extra texture and dimension to your arrangement, not to mention gives you more freedom when selecting your flowers as you aren’t limited to only what is in season.

Spray Painted Stems

In addition to dried flowers, we will also see flowers and stems spray painted to add that pop of color we expect to see in 2020. We’re thinking neon, frosted pastels and metallics to really bring in fun texture to your arrangements and create unique florals that reflect your personal style and personality.


Lighting has always been one of my favorite ways to easily elevate the look and feel of your wedding ceremony or reception. This is a wedding trend we will see much more of in 2020 with the use of fairy lights, bistro lights, string lights, you name it!



Video is no longer an optional luxury. Videography is being viewed as just as important as photos and I’m here for it. A videography team can capture those little moments of your day that a photo simply can’t and I am so glad couples are realizing that and investing in these services in 2020.


Photobooths have been hugely popular the last few years, but we have seen a decrease in the basic photobooth at weddings as of late. In 2020 I expect photo booths to really up the ante at weddings. Couples are foregoing the basic Photo Booth with your average props (you know, the top hat, feather boa and mustache) and replacing them with carefully curated “photo stations.” Rather than standing in front of a screen or backdrop, the stations and decorated and furnished to fit a particular theme or design to match the vibe of the wedding. These thoughtfully set-up photo stations provide guests with amazing photos to remember your wedding day and serve as a great favor they can leave with at the end of the night.

Destination Weddings

That once in a lifetime location is no longer just for the honeymoon. More and more couples are opting to say “I do” in their dream locations with their closest friends and family. This trend is paired with the increasing popularity for Micro Weddings as destination weddings often include a pretty large cut in the guest list.

Longer Celebrations

We are also seeing an increase in multiple event wedding weekends where couples will host other events in addition to the wedding ceremony and reception. This includes things like “Welcome Cocktail Hours,” “After-Parties” directly following the wedding reception, “Day-After brunches” or “Rest and Recovery” gatherings the day after the wedding. Again, this works really well with the smaller, micro weddings that are on the rise.

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