10 Tips to Get the Most Out of Your Wedding DJ Experience

Your wedding entertainment is one of the most important aspects of your wedding plan. That’s why it’s critical to have a DJ you can trust. Trusting your DJ ensures you get the most out of your wedding entertainment and helps you avoid the common pitfalls of hiring a wedding DJ. 

To trust your DJ, you need to establish a clear form of communication and provide insight into your preferences. The more information you can give about guests’ listening preferences and any non-negotiable to include in your playlists will help your DJ devise the right strategy for you. 

This blog discusses ten tips on how to get the most out of your wedding DJ experience. At RMF DJs, we believe in providing all of our guests with an unforgettable experience and we consider our reputation with the utmost pride. We have been ranked in the nation’s top 50 Wedding DJ businesses by Elite Magazine and we have received more than 700 reviews on the nation’s most trusted wedding website, Wedding Wire

Spotting Phonies 

If you want to book a wedding DJ, the first order of business is choosing a professional DJ vs. an amateur. DJs who only play EDM and house music should not be considered professional wedding DJs. Technology allows everyone to call themselves a DJ, but you need something a little more official than a DJ who does it in their free time. 

Don’t Rely on WiFi 

Wedding DJs shouldn’t rely on putting their songs on the cloud. At the very least, they need a backup. Official wedding DJs should have their songs downloaded and backed on an external drive in case of a crash or other technical difficulties.

Establish a Clear Form of Communication

Some DJs prefer a more ongoing means of communication such as email. Let’s say Bruno Mars comes out with a song and you want it on your playlist. Just shoot your DJ an email and they should be able to incorporate it into your playlist. 

However, other DJs prefer to have that type of stuff settled well before the big date. Some want to have a Word document filled out at least two weeks before your wedding date. Whatever the case may be, you need to be clear with your wedding DJ on how they prefer to communicate. 

Tell Your DJ What Type of Guests You Will Have

Whether you’re having a smaller reception with only close family and friends or a massive wedding with 300 guests, your DJ needs to know. They also need to know the age range and listening demographics of their audience. Your DJ should consider the listening preferences of all your guests, not just a select few. 

The worst thing a wedding DJ can hear is a senior citizen or a young guest telling them how the reception was either too loud or too soft and how they didn’t play any of the songs they wanted. You can’t please everyone as a professional wedding DJ, but that’s what you should aim to do. 

Establish Specific Playlists

Professional DJs should give you a form to work with for playlist creation. It should include, at a minimum, the following categories: 


  • Prelude music
  • Music for seating the mothers 
  • Music for the bridesmaids’ procession 
  • Music for the bride’s procession 
  • Recessional music 


  • Cocktail music pre-entrance 
  • Entrance song 
  • First dance song
  • Daddy/daughter dance song
  • Mother/son dance song 
  • Cocktail music post-entrance 
  • Dinner music 
  • Cake cutting song 
  • Banquet/garter toss 
  • Last dance 

You should be able to get as specific as you like with your wedding DJ without them taking it personally or trying to wrest control from you. Don’t forget: this is your wedding day.

Your Wedding DJ Should Be Able to Create Moments 

Your wedding is a special day and your wedding DJ should be able to create moments during that day that last. A few ways to do so include adding a special dance or choosing a DJ that has a photo booth option. 

Adding a special dance shouldn’t be too difficult and your DJ shouldn’t make you feel as though you are burdening them with too many requests. Whether you want your grandparents to have a dance of their own, you should be able to make a request. 

Having a photo booth at your wedding is an easy way to make your wedding enjoyable for both you and your guests. It is a fun prop to have as your wedding guests trickle in and take their seats for dinner. It also stays popular throughout the night as your guests loosen up. The silly pose your guests come up with will likely be among the most memorable experiences of your wedding night.

Make a Decision on Requests and Be Stern About Your “Do Not Play” List

You should decide whether your wedding DJ takes requests and your DJ should be clear on the system they want to implement. This aspect of wedding DJing blends with being firm about your “Do Not Play” playlist, especially if you allow guest requests at your wedding. Putting your DJ in a rough position by not letting them know whether certain songs are acceptable can make for awkward situations. 

Get Your Playlist to Your DJ as Soon as Possible 

DJs have particular rituals for how they prepare for weddings. The earlier you get your desired playlist to your DJ, the more they can anticipate any changes. You don’t need every detail ironed out, but you want the majority of your reception’s music picked out with time to spare. 

Feed the DJ and Their Team 

One of the best ways to show appreciation to your DJ is simply feeding them and whoever else they have on their team. Performing on an empty stomach makes DJing more challenging than usual, especially after a long day of setting things up for a wedding. It can take eight hours or more before they have a minute to eat. 

Trust Your DJ

You have enough on your plate. You don’t need to worry about whether your DJ has everything figured out. After sending them your playlist requirements and coming to an agreement, let them take the entertainment stress off your hands and enjoy. 

It’s important to have everything planned out, but part of your wedding DJ’s responsibility is to be the master of ceremonies throughout the evening. You can’t plan out your entire wedding. If you could, it wouldn’t be near as fun. Your master of ceremonies guides you through the night’s entertainment. Regardless of what obstacles occur, they keep the party going. 

Conclusion- 10 Tips to Get the Most Out of Your Wedding DJ Experience

The tips discussed in this blog will go a long way to ensure an enjoyable wedding DJ experience. The most important thing to develop with your DJ is trust. You should depend on them to take care of you and your guests and respond to any obstacles that arise. 

One of the easiest ways to do this is by ensuring you send all of your playlists to your DJ with plenty of time. 

RMF DJs is here to be your trusted wedding DJ. Our platinum DJs can bring the wedding of your dreams to life and we walk you through every step of how we plan to deliver a one-of-a-kind experience for your guests. 

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